Pinjaze Aqua Peeling Serum Liquid

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  •  This Pinjaze aqua peeling serum liquid for facial dermabrasion machine is 3 in 1 package which includes AS1 liquid, SA2 liquid and AO3 liquid for 400 ml per bottle, totally 3 bottles.
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  1. AS1:  suitable for using on normal skin through plant extraction without harmful addition, remove keratin sebum, promote collagen regeneration, and moisturize continuously, with soft, and non-irritating.
  2. SA2: suitable for using on sensitive skin with Salicylic acid added for oily skin, which cleans strongly without harmful addition, and moisturize effectively to calm the skin, easy acne and aging resistance.
  3. AO3: includes Glycerin solution, VC nutrition to repair damaged cells, which helps regeneration, improves skin immunity, inhibits melanin, and provides skin nutrition.
  • It can be utilized for facial dermabrasion machine, small or big bubbles beauty machine, with advantages of water cost-effective which 1 bottle can be supplied for 10 guests as average in each kind of skin and places for skincare including professional beauty salon, individual&personal, or in combination. Specifications: 400ml*3 bottles.

[How to use it]

1. AS1 solution + compression mask compress 5-8 minutes statically, the overall cuticle becoming softening.
2. SA2 solution added pure water, the use of bubble generated to clean the whole face of the skin.
3. With clean washed face, add AO3 solution to the oxygen&hydrogen splitting water bottle, then the whole face can be moisturized as wet.

Let's find our attractive, shiny and beautiful appearance back, together!

Name: Aqua peeling serum liquid
Pack: 400ml*3 bottles
Ingredient AS1: Lactic acid, yeast extract, green tea extract, algae extract
Ingredient SA2: Salicylic acid, lactic acid, sodium lactate, urinary sac, honey extract, aloe extract.
Ingredient AO3: Aloe vera, vitamin C, VE, green tea extract. 
Pack: 400ml*3 bottles
Product Dimensions: 6.69*6.69*2.36 inches; 3.17 pounds


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Why Pinjaze

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