Atdoriat Body Shaping Slimming Machine

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  • ☆[40K Vacuum Slimming Machine]: Powerful vacuum joint contacts deep base of skin on body to impact cellulite cells which achieves effect of reducing fat, for activating body, relieving fatigue and promoting circulation.
  • ☆[Facial Available]: Our 6 in 1 multifunctional vacuum machine is also available on face that is not only able to reduce wrinkles and pouches of eyes, to fade black eyes, but also able to tighten and rejuvenate skin for more smooth and fresh.
  • ☆[Diverse Functional Joints]: The machine contains tripolar, quadruple and hexa-level contact joints 40K vacuum contact joint, to match each part of body and each skin quality. It is an effective and user-friendly choice for beauty salons, home SPA hobbyist and enthusiast.
  • ☆[8 Electrical Pads]: It is amazed that facial and body change will be benefited in short time term by using loaded electrical heating pads without body damage. Additionally, we provide black belts for easier use.
  • ☆[Customer Service]: We provide professional, patient and friendly customer guidance including customer guide, after-sale service, problem solving. Also, we provide warranty for 2 years.