Atdoriat Body Slimming Vacuum Therapy Machine

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  • ☆[Body Shaping]: According to vacuum pressure inhalation technology, the instrument is able to inhale and absorb fats to burn calories for body shaping and slimming through various and multiple sizes and functions of pump cups.
  • ☆[Skin Rejuvenation]: Kinds of pump cups apply safe inhalation pressure due to professional functional require such as facial part and sensitive skin parts for enhancing skin quality such as skin resilience recovery, skin tightening, pores repairing, collagen rejuvenation and wrinkle removing through activated micro-circulation and relieved muscle.
  • ☆[Breast Enhancement]: The product takes more care of female users requirement on breast shaping especially. Elasticity and softness of breast will be restored and enhanced through stimulated hormones by cupping vacuum massage, which improves breast shape and resilience.
  • ☆[Vacuum Therapy Massage]: Due to physical massage therapy of the instrument acting on skin, circulation and detoxification can be promoted. Additionally, it is able to relieve muscle pains and rejuvenate collagen that use the instrument.
  • ☆[Customer Service]: We provide professional, patient and friendly customer guidance including customer guide, after-sale service, problem solving. Also, we provide warranty for 2 years.