ATDORIAT Sauna Blanket Far Infrared Heating Detoxing Body Shaping

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  • ☆[Sauna Slimming]:The sauna blanket applies far-infrared technology to heat body as traditional sauna imitation for fat burning to reach body sweat for slimming and body shaping effect.
  • ☆[Enjoyment with Benefits]: Body will be benefited with sweating by far-infrared heating, which is able to promote circulation and metabolism for body detoxing, with comfortable enjoyment feelings to relieve fatigues and muscle pain.
  • ☆[Convenient]: Since traditional sauna must be in sauna room, it should be high cost and inconvenient to go a sauna spa or have a sauna room. Sauna blanket can make sauna easier as cost-effective way for body enjoyment by fast heating and home-use for more convenient.
  • ☆[Safe to Use]: Environmental friendly Materials are applied on this sauna blanket such as waterproof PVC inner and oxford cloth outer which both are safe for body and skin without harm or any damage. In addition, it will stop heating automatically when temperature rises up to 85°C with alarm to guarantee safety.
  • ☆[Upgraded Version]: According to reviews and comments of customers and users, we have upgraded our sauna blanket as new version that is able to heat faster and keep warm better during using process. Also, we use magic tapes to instead zippers for longer product life span to keep our high quality standard.
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