Atdoriat Thermal Heating Hair Care Cap (Upgraded Version)

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  • ☆[Hair Care SPA]: To protect hair and improve hair quality, it is able to prevent hair breakage and split ends that make hair warm and wet by steam heating to keep moisture and quality of hair. In addition, the product promotes absorption of hair creams or liquids for better effects and treatment.
  • ☆[Enhance Hair Appearance]: Since hair quality has been enhanced and nutrition creams liquids absorbed by steamer cap, the appearance of hair could become shiny and smooth with enhanced enjoyment of feeling, which makes you becoming more attractive.
  • ☆[Convenient]: The steamer cap can be operated by simple buttons that adjust switch on/off, temperature and launch time due to customer friendly design, which is able to keep and control a comfortable temperature during using process.
  • ☆[Upgraded Version]: Steamer cap has been upgraded by different design of details that include materials and controller. The controller upgraded as screen version which is able to display time and temperature to show users for more accurate control.
  • ☆[Safe to Use]: Our steamer cap loads automatic power cut function to guarantee safety of customer which is able to detect high temperature. While the temperature drops down, it will start to heat again for continuous apply.