Hair Steamer Heating Cap for Deep Conditioner, Hair SPA Cap

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  • Why choose PinJaze: PinJaze Hair SPA Cap is a special deep conditioning heating cap. It saves you money to go to the hair salon and achieves the effect of a salon-quality conditioning treatment at home. It can comfortably condition hair. If you don’t need hair care, you can also use it to treat your headaches.
  • Simple & convenient to use: Using our Deep Conditioning Heat Cap is as simple as turning on the switch. The inside of the Hair Steamer Cap will be heated within a minute and kept between 45-65℃, and you can adjust the temperature. New upgrade 2 The layer zipper design can adjust the height of the Electric Hair Cap.
  • Multiple hair care functions: It can heat the hair evenly during haircare, taking care of every strand of hair. It can also be applied to home hair care, effectively shortening the time of perming/dying hair and solving various problems such as dry/messy hair. Hair care SPA hair cap can deeply nourish the hair.
  • Ideal for home hair salons: our electric hair cap is wide and deep, with 2-layer height-adjustable zippers and adjustable headband straps. Don't worry that this hair steamer heat cap is not suitable for your head circumference. And it is easy to carry. It can be easily carried without taking up space on a pleasant trip.
  • High-quality after-sales service: If you have any questions about our hair thermal treatment cap, please contact us through Amazon, and we will contact you as soon as possible. For quality issues, we will refund in full immediately.Logistics Policy
    Our logistics policy in EU, UK, USA, IND and MX is free charge to delivery, which is cost effective for our customer.
    After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)