Heat Sauna Blanket Infrared with Overheating Protection Oxford Portable

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  • Stay Healthy At Home: This sauna blanket has far infrared rays, which burn fat and make you sweat. If you use it regularly, you will achieve the purpose of detoxificatio and always keep your body healthy and relaxed.
  • High Quality Material: The material we used for this blanket is the second-generation Oxford material. Compared with other PU/PVC materials, its water resistance and strength are increased by 50%. In addition, our material is softer, so we can easily wrinkle to make it look flat and beautiful. Size: 71''x32''
  • How To Use: First unfold the blanket completely on a flat surface, then use the controller to adjust the temperature to the range of 35°/95°F to 70°/158°F. You can set the temperature of 2 different areas and set the time to 10-60 minutes, and then lie on the blanket and sweat as needed!
  • Use Safety: The control box has an automatic safety switch. When there is a problem with the circuit, the switch will automatically disconnect within 0.01 seconds to protect your safety. If the temperature is not controlled and the heating continues when the temperature reaches 85° (185°F), the machine will automatically disconnect to stop heating.
  • Quality Customer Service: If you have any questions or questions, please contact us, we will try our best to solve your problem.Logistics Policy
    Our logistics policy in EU, UK, USA, IND and MX is free charge to delivery, which is cost effective for our customer.
    After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)