Pinjaze Anion Heating & Cooling Beauty Instrument

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  • Pinjaze anion heating&cooling facial beauty instrument applies anion technology according to principle of like charges repel each other, unlike charges attract for attracting kation from skin to reach skin quality enhancement and tightening.
  • The functions and strengths of the instrument include:
  1. Skin tightening
  2. Skin resilience recovery
  3. Fading and eliminating imperfections
  4. Face detoxing and cleaning
  5. Promoting circulation
  6. Maintaining moisture
  7. Fatigue relieving
  8. Special care of around eyes
  • Attention: 
  1. Please do not put the instrument under sunshine directly, nor around heating electronics, otherwise the instrument may be deformed and discolored.
  2. Please strictly apply starting at temperature level 1 to avoid skin damage.

Let's find our attractive, shiny and beautiful appearance back, together!

    Name: Pinjaze anion heating & cooling facial beauty instrument
    Material: ABS
    Working time: 3 min/level
    Vibration frequency: 8600Hz
    Measurements: 18 * 5.4 * 5 (cm)
    Net weight: 128 g
    Gross weight: 625g

    Logistics Policy

    Our logistics policy in EU, UK, USA, IND and MX is free charge to delivery, which is cost effective for our customer.

    After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)

    Why Pinjaze

    Our brand Pinjaze is devoted to beauty&slimming field for more than decade, suggested and supported by professional PHD doctors of skin care and wellness. We invited the doctors once per month for learning suggestions of products choosing, providing and revising to keep the profession of our brand. For customer experience, we maintain warranty of products for 2 years and charge free to delivery in some area. We are confidence that we can be your best choice.