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  • Pinjaze sauna blanket applies far infrared rays which has abilities of penetration, radiation, refraction and reflection to transform light energy to heat energy.
  • Thermal effect of Pinjaze infrared sauna blanket within the deep layers of the organs causes:(How infrared sauna improves your wellness)
  • 增加心脏健康Heart health 减轻和减轻疼痛  Pain relief
  • 失去那些爱的句柄Home spa     看起来更年轻Younger
  • 放松聪明的方式Relax              清除有害毒素Detox
  1. Blood vessels and capillaries dilated properly.
  2. Better circulation promotion.
  3. Metabolism acceleration.
  4. Helping weight-loss
  5. Reducing cellulite reduction
  6. Detoxification
  7. Muscle tension relief
  8. immune system strengthening
  • Sofie loss weight with Pinjaze
  • Pinjaze can make you sweat quickly
  • Safety guarantee: Pinjaze sauna blanket is able to cut the power automatically when emergency or unexpected situation occurs, then heating stopped and the alarm ringing for 1 minute.
  • Safety tips&notes: 
  1. The normal maximum temperature is 80 degrees.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to heat when folded. The folding heating temperature will exceed 120.
  3. Pregnant women, hypertension with higher than 180 patients, severe heart disease patients, and other severe disease patients are strictly prohibited to use.

Let's find our slimming, strong and better healthier body back, together!

Name: Infrared sauna blanket
Purpose: Personal sauna
Material: PVC (Inner), Oxford cloth (Outer)
Product color: orange, purple

Package size: 80.0*46.0*14.0(cm)
Measurements: 180*80 (cm)
Gross weight: about 8kg
packing includes: Sauna blanket*1, control pad*2, remote controller*1, instructions*1


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After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)

Why Pinjaze

Our brand Pinjaze is devoted to beauty&slimming field for more than decade, suggested and supported by professional PHD doctors of skin care and wellness. We invited the doctors once per month for learning suggestions of products choosing, providing and revising to keep the profession of our brand. For customer experience, we maintain warranty of products for 2 years and charge free to delivery in some area. We are confidence that we can be your best choice.


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