UDINEK Infrared Sauna Blanket

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  • Durable material: Made of soft material, it has flexible stretching ability even in different sleeping positions. The outside is high-grade cloth material. At the same time it is also waterproof.
  • Body Shaper Sauna Blanket: far-infrared sauna blanket promotes better circulation in the body and helps eliminate metabolic waste in the body. Healthy body shaping, relax the body, relieve physical fatigue.
  • Independent Temperature Zone: 35°C~85°C adjustable temperature, far infrared release heat, easy to operate. The independent three-temperature zone design can independently adjust the temperature of each temperature zone, and the effect is better.
  • Professional Body Care: shoulder, hip and waist, back and leg care. This deep relaxation therapy is suitable for most clients. It can reshape the health curve of women. This is the best choice for women who love beautiful women.
  • Easy To Place: Sauna blankets are easy to store and are ideal for beauty salons, spas, relaxation rooms and families.It is the best choice for sending parents and friends.Logistics Policy
    Our logistics policy in EU, UK, USA, IND and MX is free charge to delivery, which is cost effective for our customer.
    After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)