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❤ THE BEST WAIST TRIMMING BELT: using far infrared heating and vibration massage technology, effectively smashing fat, magnet care, 12 Gauss magnets generate the magnetic field required by the human body to promote blood circulation, relieve stress, prevent muscle relaxation, and achieve weight loss.
❤ WEIGHT LOSS BELT: Our trimmed belt is made of high quality PU, which helps the waist trim band add more flexibility to the wearer. The slimming belt is not as stabbed or jabed as other stomach belts. Most people want to burn fat and calories. The focus of this waist trimmer is to wear a belt during exercise to help burn more fat in your abdomen, basically letting you sweat, as if your belly has a sauna.
❤ ADJUSTABLE MODE: adjustable vibration massage, four massage motors corresponding to four acupoints, cushioning, compression and therapeutic heating muscle soreness, increase muscle stability and rapid recovery, help relieve fatigue and soreness, very suitable for exercise Or daily support. Meet your different needs.
❤ THE DESIGN OF THE SHACKLE RING: wide enough to cover the stomach and remain placed during exercise; thick enough to generate heat and burn fat, move the cellulite and expel toxins. The hook and loop are closed to ensure that the belt is tightly attached to the abdominal muscles. Our abdomen trim has a large number of shackles that make it easy for people of all sizes to wear this trim.
❤ AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Quality problems are replaced within 30 days, lifetime warranty, if you are not completely satisfied, please contact us, we will refund 100%. We intend to provide the best customer service