V ddhoger Hair Care Hat

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  • Suitable For Home Hair Care device: easy to use, it is definitely an indispensable hairdressing tool at home. Use the heated shower cap to enjoy the whole process.
  • Protection Function: This is an electronic heating cap with flame-retardant temperature control function, so it is very safe. When the temperature reaches 70°C, the heating cap will automatically stop heating for a few minutes, and then reheat after a while.
  • Multi-mode Design: There are three different modes, and the controller can set the temperature between 35°C and 80°C. You can freely adjust the appropriate mode and temperature according to your needs.
  • Best Material: External PU material, not easy to wrinkle. The extra waterproof function is also easy to use, and the detachable zipper is also easy to remove. Achieve the best experience.
  • Reliable After-sales Service: V ddhoger guarantees you high-quality customer service: If there are any problems with the product (for example: cannot be heated or received and cannot be used), please feel free to contact us directly. , We guarantee that it can be replaced. do not worry!Logistics Policy
    Our logistics policy in EU, UK, USA, IND and MX is free charge to delivery, which is cost effective for our customer.
    After Sales: Warranty for 2 years (native after sales service available)